International Transportation for the Deceased.

When a foreign person dies abroad, various preparations and procedures are required to transport the deceased to his/her country with enough care and dignity.
The Celmo Group helps all required works in order to return a loved one smoothly and in peace.

A representative of the departed's families or relatives makes a contact to our company.

We confirm required documents and regulations to the Embassy (Consulate) and arrange transportation of the deceased body to our facility.

Embalming is put into operation in accordance with consent of the bereaved families or the relatives.

The body is placed in a coffin. By Law the body must be placed in a coffin.

We arrange all necessary documents and submit them to the Embassy (Consulate).

We book a flight in order to transport the body to its country.

We transfer the body to the airport it departs.

  • Procedures for repatriation of human remains will vary on each country's regulations.
  • There are some cases that embalming may not preformed on deceased due to condition of the remains or religious concerns.
  • Please contact us for more information.
What is Embalming ?
Embalming disinfect the body, preserve from decay, and restore the Bodies appearance to a natural state. It also delays decomposition of the body for the funeral purpose.
In Some cases clue to religion and heavy decompositioned bodies, embalming may not be carried out.
Please contact us for more information.

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